OSRD.org Powered by WordPress

Welcome to the new and revised OSRD.org site. The site has been reimplemented in WordPress and all the content have been migrated from the previous version of the site.

The previous version was running on Drupal content management system. Although Drupal is a very powerful and extensible system, it proved to be an overkill for OSRD.org during its infancy. One day, OSRD.org may grow in needs beyond the capabilities of WordPress and be migrated back to Drupal or another system. Until then, WordPress will be used for news, rambles (a.k.a. blog), and articles.

If you wish to be a contributing author of the OSRD site, sign up and contact us.

2 Responses to “OSRD.org Powered by WordPress”

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  2. How can I setup wordpress to allow memberships?